Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book a viewing?

You can either enquire directly through our website and one of our representatives will call you back, or have a chat with a representative through our live chat system, alternatively you can give the office a call.

I work 9-5 Monday to Friday can I still view the property?

Of course, we still do viewings on Saturdays. We’ll try and fit around your busy schedule as much as we are able to. If you are finding it difficult to find the time, we recommend you call the office so one of our representatives can fit you in.


Will I pass the referencing checks?

Our referencing checks are carried out by an external company, and therefore this is at their discretion. However, we recommend you calculate your expenses and work out whether you’d be able to afford the rent as well as the bills. Additionally you should check your credit rating to make sure this won’t be a problem either.

Do I need a Guarantor?

You may require a Guarantor, this is subject to the outcome of your referencing reports. We always recommend you locate a Guarantor prior to you securing a property, just so you have one available should it be required. Your Guarantor needs to be someone who is a home owner and in full time employment who will be able to pass all referencing checks.

How quickly am I able to move into the property?

This is subject to the referencing reports. As part of the referencing process, your employer and previous landlord will be contacted to verify the information you have stated. Therefore we always recommend you notify them of the reference requests coming through, to ensure it doesn’t sit on their desk for a few days. Generally speaking, we are able to get you moved into the property within a week providing all goes smoothly.

I don’t understand my tenancy documents, what should I do?
  • You can contact your assigned Lettings Negotiator who may be able to help clarify this with you. However, we would recommend you seek legal advice if you are extremely concerned over the terms within the agreement. You need to have a clear understanding of what you are signing, before you sign.


How much are bills?

This is almost impossible for us to tell you, it varies per person. For example, some people don’t spend much time in their property due to working away.

What’s the council tax band?

There are two ways for you to check this, you can call the Council and check with them. Alternatively you can check by visiting: www.gov.uk/council-tax-bands

Can I change my utility supplier?

Of course, you can change the utility supplier to whoever offers you the best deal! However, please make sure you let us know who you change the utility provider to, otherwise we aren’t able to finalise your deposit.

Do you notify utility suppliers of me moving in and out of the property?

We do notify utility suppliers upon you moving into the property. However, we are unable to do this upon your vacation. As the account is in your name, we do not have authorisation to speak to them, or close your account.

Am I entitled to a discount in Council Tax?

Possibly, there are a few different types of discounts available. For example, single person discount, student exception etc. However, you should contact the council directly to enquire about the availability of these discounts. You may also be required to provide us with evidence of these discounts upon your vacation.

Can I change to a water meter?

With the recent legislation, your Landlord is unable to prevent you from arranging a water meter to be fitted. However, we always ask that you let us know if this is the case so we are able to update our records, and keep our Landlords informed.


How do I report maintenance?

Due to the recent legislation, it is now required that all maintenance reported by tenants is reported in writing. Therefore, you can either email or you can use our quick and easy Fixflo App! It’s definitely the way forward, and much easier than writing a long email! Visit our Maintenance page.

I have an urgent repair, what should I do?

Contact the office immediately. If the office is closed, you’ll still be able to reach us via our online reporting system, or via our out of hours maintenance line. Just call our usual office number to get through to our on call staff. Please note, if we don’t answer, leave us a message including your name, mobile number and the issue you are experiencing and we will call you back.

How long does a repair take?

This highly depends on the type of repair that is required, all situations vary and some are easier to resolve than others. You’ll be kept up to date by our maintenance department and be provided with approximate timescales on completion of the repair.

I broke an item of furniture, is the landlord liable to repair this for me?

This depends on the type of break. If the item is broken due to negligence or misuse, then your Landlord should not be required to pay for its repair. However, if the item is extremely old and it is purely due to wear and tear, then your Landlord will be able to repair this for you.


When will I get my deposit back?

We always aim to have your deposit retuned to you within a month of your tenancy ending, however, we cannot guarantee this, as this is dependent on the condition that the property is left in at the end of the tenancy, and how quickly you respond to any emails regarding the deposit. You should always refer to your inventory at the end of your tenancy, and try your best to leave the property in the same standard as when you moved in, you must also replace any damages.

How do I check if my deposit is registered?

This will depend on what type of deposit scheme was used to register your deposit. To find this out, contact the office and we’ll be able to tell you. Once you know which scheme holds your deposit, you’ll be able to go onto their website and check online either by using the deposit reference number or providing them with your tenancy information.

What can prevent me from getting any deposit deductions?

We always provide you with an inventory at the start of your tenancy. Therefore, to prevent any deductions, we recommend you review this inventory thoroughly and ensure you leave the property in the same condition. If you have any specific queries regarding any deductions you fear may be noted, contact the office prior to your vacation so you can discuss it with a negotiator and we’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

Can my deposit be used in late rent fees or final months’ rent?

Final months’ rent cannot be paid by the deposit, as we cannot release your deposit until your tenancy has officially ended. Your rent must always be paid no later than your rent due date. While, your deposit should be used mainly to correct any damages or cleaning issues caused during your tenancy, fees that are unpaid at the end of your tenancy can be paid using the deposit.

Another tenant broke an item of furniture, will I be held liable?

Yes. If you are in a joint tenancy you will be liable as you are both on the same tenancy agreement, however if the damage is admitted by the tenant who caused the damage, we will try our best to only hold them accountable, considering their share of the deposit covers the cost of the damage.