Due to changes in recent legislation, all maintenance reports are now required to be reported in writing. Now, you could do this via email or letter, but honestly, why bother when you can go through our tailor made step by step process of maintenance reporting.

You can inform us of the issues with an easy, step by step guide for reporting maintenance while providing us with pictures, and a detailed report of the issues you are reporting.

Once you have completed the report, a worksheet detailing the information you have provided will be automatically sent directly to our maintenance department who will work to get this resolved immediately for you.


However, don't forget, if you ever have an emergency when the office is closed, you can still reach us on our usual office number of 02920 482 862 and report the maintenance issue over the phone. However, please note that this is for emergencies only, such as a leak, boiler breakdown, no hot water, no heating, smell of gas etc

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